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2022 11 29 ‘Liber Observatoribus Iustitiae’ Thanks to all authors !

Read more on my blog (click here), about this very special ‘Liber Amicorum’, published for my 70th birthday.

2021 08 24 ‘The martyrs of Maillé - that other Oradour-sur-Glane’

(Law Blog JustWatch)

2021 05 03 ‘World Press Freedom Day : Politicians blocking journalists on Twitter: the state of play in the US, France and Belgium ( Law Blog JustWatch)

2021 03 23 Twitter case Tatu v.Ferrand (English version on

Law Blog Justwatch)

2020 12 01 Twitter case #justicewatcher v. Flemish minister of Justice and Enforcement Zuhal Demir (Law Blog JusticeWatcher)

2018 02 15 ‘Epilogue in Iraq’  Epilogue on my Opening Conference a year earlier at the Law Faculty of the Ghent University at the invitation of prof. Carl Devos.

2017 11 28 ‘Sir Paul Collier, Citizenship Award 2017 Foundation P&V

2016 11 23 ‘Jan Nolf and Michel Claise receive the 2016 Citizenship Award Foundation P&V (link to E-version website Foundation P&V)

2016 04 08 ‘Belgium’s clawless terror hawk’ (comment in POLITICO)

2015 08 27 ‘Belgian judge arrested for recording police’ (Blog)

2015 01 01 ‘My 2015 wishes for justice: audacity’ (Justwatch blog)

2014 11 05 ‘Thank you, Judge John Sirica’ (blog & interview Legal World)

2014 08 21 ‘Justitiewatcher Jan Nolf is ‘a danger for justice’ according to European report ENCJ (also link to Knack.be )

2014 04 16 ‘#MAS #GAS #SAC at the 2014 Congress of International Association of Democratic Lawyers’

I have a dream

Monsanto protesters fined with #MAS

Questioning Justice

From Belgium With Love ?

My letter to Michèle Martin

A Judge facing Facebook

The first day in the life of...

The painter

Bridges to peace

Alive & kicking

Believe in the Saint !

Voltaire Day, Natural Judges..

There is no finish line

Oops, stuck again !

Sari studies !

Too big, you get stuck

Clever Repair

Love Song To My Running Shoes

No, we can’t ! Sorry !

Security, an English word, isn’t it ?


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“I never would be a nincompoop, watching the parade go by”

Watergate trial Judge John Sirica

Photos from bottom to top:

  1. -my office as a lawyer (1976 - 1987),

  1. -façade of the ancient Justice of the Peace, First Dictrict of Bruges, where I served as deputy judge from 1984 till 1987

  1. -Justice of the Peace of Roeselare, where I served from 30 04 1987 till 31 08 2011.